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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Has Oleophobic Coating Issues: Report

Date: 01-31-2018   Click: 426

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 flagship, as is the case with most phones on the market, has not been without its share of complaints, but reports are now surfacing which may hint at a new problem with the device’s oleophobic coating. The issues actually don’t appear to be tied to its tendency to attract more fingerprints than the average handset, either. Instead, users are reporting that the coating is peeling away or disappearing along the edges of their devices, where the glass and metal join together. Having fingerprints on the affected portion of the screen is said to make the problem more noticeable in some cases. As of this writing, that does mean that this appears to be more of a cosmetic issue since the coating isn’t disappearing from portions of the device that are more prone to gathering fingerprints which the coating is intended to prevent.

However, as a result of the degrading coating, according to those reporting the issue and as shown on images posted to Reddit and included below, a range of discoloration in the form of various shapes is appearing along the edges of the affected devices. Users are concerned that it could signal a larger problem with the oleophobic coating itself which will eventually spread to cover a substantial portion of the screen. That concern may not be unwarranted since several of the complaints state that the affected phablet is only a few days old and the Galaxy Note 8 itself was only just released in August.

Samsung, for its part, has not directly addressed the matter in a public capacity. That could be a clear indicator that the oleophobic coating problem is limited to a relatively small number of devices. The company is also replacing some handsets whose users have reported the problem, though some authors of the original complaints have also followed up to state that a replacement or repair had not fixed the issue. Samsung hence appears to be aware of the problem but there’s really no way to know exactly how widespread the issue is or whether there will be any permanent fix for those affected by it.

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