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    Customer's Service & Warranty

    If you have any question on some material you acquired from Divineo, you can contact us for further explanations.

    We offer a warranty of 6 months on all our products. During this timeframe, all repairs for regular use of our material are free with the following

    For products D.O.A. (Dead On Arrival), a new unit will be shipped immediately after we receive the product back from you. In case the product is no longer in stock, you will have two choices: Either we reimburse you the product price, or we replace it when new stocks are available with a rebate on your next order. In case the product is perfectly working and was just mishandled by the client, a fee of 10% of the product price with a minimum of US$10 will be applied for handling and testing of the product.

    For products under warranty, repairs will be generally completed within 2 weeks, but for some imported material, delays could be more important due to time necessary for the delivery of some parts. Info on the state of repairs will be available by email.

    All products that were opened (seals are broken) will not be repaired and sent back to the customers.

    All products that were clearly damaged by the client will be repaired at his/her own cost.

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