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Galaxy S8 Android Oreo Update To Commence In Late February

Date: 02-06-2018   Click: 5513

The Samsung Galaxy S8 series will reportedly receive the first public build of Android Oreo before the end of February, however according to a Samsung representative for North Africa’s Maghreb region recently cited by UberGizmo, this won’t be the case for all the regions, with some markets including Algeria, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco, and Tunisia being unlikely to receive the update earlier than March. As usual, once the first wave is concluded and no issues are found with the initial release, the rollout will continue to expand globally in a matter of weeks until it eventually reaches every unit in the wild.

It’s worth reminding that Samsung has prepared a bit of exclusivity for its Android Oreo beta testers, as last week the OEM sent out a notification to beta participants informing them of a one-day head start over regular consumers. In other words, those who have participated in Samsung’s beta program for the Galaxy S8 series should be the first to receive the update one day before non-testers, however this will likely apply only in the regions where Android Oreo will be available, i.e., if the update launches in late February and will be missing from a certain region then beta testers in said region are probably not going to receive the update either. They may still enjoy a one-day head start over non-testers in their country but only when the rollout in their region will be ready to commence.

Samsung began working on Android Oreo for the Galaxy S8 series last year in November when it released the first beta version of the update to testers. Additional beta builds have been provided over the course of a couple of months until the beta period successfully concluded near the end of January. The Android Oreo update should introduce a number of new features and improvements that are part of the default Oreo experience, and will also include various changes to the user interface as part of the Samsung Experience 9.0 update. All in all, February should be an interesting month for Samsung enthusiasts especially since the OEM also plans on launching its next flagship series – the Galaxy S9 – at Mobile World Congress on February 25.

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