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Android Nougat is officially the most-used version of Android

Date: 02-07-2018   Click: 5521

Android 7.0 Nougat has finally become the most-used version of the mobile operating system, running on 28.5 percent of devices (across both versions 7.0 and 7.1), according to an update on Google’s developer portal today (via 9to5Google).

That number narrowly edges out the second most-used version of Android, 6.0 Marshmallow (released in 2015), which still stands at 28.1 percent. As for Google’s latest 8.0 Oreo update released last fall? Adoption comes in at just 1.1 percent of Android devices, leaving it in a distant sixth place. Still, it’s an improvement over the 0.2 percent of devices that were running Oreo by October 2nd, 2017.

Android devices have always suffered from fragmentation when it comes to software updates. For a lot of phones, the version of Android that came installed your phone when you bought it is often the one that it’ll always have. But the fact that Nougat — an update that is now over a year and a half old — is just taking the crown for most users truly highlights the issue.

Things get worse if you take a peek over the other side of the fence at Apple’s iOS numbers. Yes, there’s about the same percentage of users (28 percent) using iOS 10, which was released at roughly the same time as Nougat. But that’s a minority compared to the 65 percent of devices running the latest iOS 11 software, which only emphasizes how far Google has to go.

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