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Samsung Galaxy S10 Flagship Could Be Called Galaxy X: Rumor

Date: 02-07-2018   Click: 7527

Samsung’s 2019 additions to the Galaxy S family may not be advertised as the Galaxy S10 but the Galaxy X, tech blog Tekz24 reported earlier this month, citing indications provided by unspecified insiders and analysts. The report specifically labels the possibility as speculation and not a confirmed fact but argues there are many reasons for the South Korean phone maker to rebrand its ultra-premium lineup of Android devices starting next year. Avoiding a more convoluted naming scheme that could lead to product names with double-digit figures such as the Galaxy S15 is cited as one reason, with the other one being following suit with Apple after the Cupertino-based smartphone maker rebranded its latest flagship as the iPhone X.

Even if Samsung does opt to introduce the Galaxy X series next year, its moniker wouldn’t include a Roman numeral like Apple’s lineup, with its “X” being just a letter, some sources indicate. The South Korean tech giant‘s foldable smartphone that’s been rumored about for over half a decade now was repeatedly mentioned in the context of the Galaxy X brand by numerous industry insiders, with the latest report claiming Samsung may launch it as the third and most premium member of its annually revised Android flagship series. Should the company opt to rebrand its most popular smartphone lineup, it wouldn’t be likely to continue refreshing it by following a currently established naming scheme based on annually increasing integers. In other words, even if the Galaxy S10 ends up being advertised as the Galaxy X, its successor wouldn’t be called the Galaxy X2, the report argues. Samsung’s domestic and international rival LG is already widely expected to rebrand its high-end G series and call its follow-up to the G6 something other than the G7, according to previous reports.

While the Galaxy S lineup may be set for a rebranding next year, the Galaxy Note one shouldn’t undergo such changes in the immediate future, some industry watchers believe. The successors to the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus are scheduled to be officially announced on February 25 in Barcelona, Spain, and should become available for pre-orders immediately after MWC 2018 is concluded in March. As was the case with many of their predecessors, the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus are predicted to be the best-selling Android smartphones of the year.

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